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Patients are seen on an appointment schedule basis. To schedule an appointment, simply phone the clinic at 352-8767 or call our toll free number (800) 514-1447. Please identify the physician you would like to see and inform the receptionist that you wish to make an appointment.
If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify the office as soon as possible. This way we can schedule another patient for that time and reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.
We will make every attempt to honor your appointment time for we firmly believe in the value of your time. However, emergencies, accidents, etc. may cause unforeseen delays and we request your indulgence.


If you are coming to the clinic for the first time, please arrive a few minutes early as you will be asked to complete a new patient registration form. This form contains information necessary to establish the medical chart, set up proper billing procedures, collect insurance information, and establish who we should contact in case of an emergency. Accurate information will prevent unnecessary errors and misunderstandings. If you are an established patient, please report to the front desk. You will be seen by your doctor as soon as possible. If you have an address change or name change, please notify the receptionist at the front desk.

Credit Policy

We request that all patients pay their insurance co-pay or a minimum payment at the time of their visit. The clinic also accepts credit and debit cards. We expect ALL accounts to be fully paid within 90 days. If unusual circumstances should make it impossible to meet our credit terms, we invite you to personally discuss this matter with the Administrator or the Patient Accounts Representative. This will avoid misunderstandings and enable you to keep your account in good standing.

Medical Records

The medical records of each patient at the Tschetter & Hohm Clinic are personal and confidential. Our policy of maintaining one consolidated record system insures that all care given to the patient at the clinic is available to each physician who treats that patient. This is a very important factor in maintaining the continuity of the patient's care. All information in the medical record is confidential and will not be released without the patient's consent.

Clinic Departments

Laboratory - For your convenience, the clinic has its own laboratory which is staffed by trained personnel. These individuals collect specimens, conduct tests and analyze specimens ordered by your physician. Many of your tests are conducted on our own equipment while you are in the clinic. Other tests are conducted at reference laboratories which have specialized equipment. The results of your laboratory studies are provided to your physician to assist him or her in your diagnosis and treatment.

Radiology - The clinic provides diagnostic x-rays and administers electrocardiograms. Our trained personnel will perform these studies and they will be interpreted by a physician, usually while you wait.
Some tests require special preparation and are performed only on an appointment basis. Your physician will advise you when these tests are necessary. While we possess the necessary equipment to conduct most routine x-rays, it may be necessary at time to refer you to another facility for a more specialized test. In addition some tests require the interpretation of an outside radiologist.

Occupational Medicine - The clinic offers services to employers and their employees for injuries or diseases related to employment, employment physical examinations, disability evaluations, collection for drug screening and other occupational services.


Notice of Privacy Practices

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